Mesut Pervizpour

VAST 203 - Sustainability of Built Systems-UGrad

Course Description:

In this course we take a cross-disciplinary approach to explore the concept of sustainability and its application to built or engineered systems - e.g., a transportation network, a water supply and distribution system, an energy production and delivery system, etc.

Textbook: No required texts; readings provided as needed as exerpts from books, articles, and other sources. This is a seminar/discussion-based class - thus you are encouraged to bring additional news, articles, observations, commentary to class that relates to sustainability of built systems.

Location and Hours: Tuesday & Thursdays,
Sec.01: 8:00-9:15am, AEC 325, WA: Shannon Noll (nolls@)
Sec.02 11:00-12:15pm, AEC 325, WA: Matthew Warrener (warrenem@)

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Course Related Links

Environment - Energy - Degradation

Economy and Growth
  • Moving Beyond GPD (Qunatifying natural captial towards ecosystem accounting and decision making)link
  • Governments urged to prepare for worst (global risk 2013) Link and PDF
  • Global Risk 2013 report, SUMMARY Link
  • Global Risk 2013 report, FULL REPORT Link and PDF
  • Global Agenda Outlook 2013: Link and PDF
  • EU Carbon price emissions trading system hits all-time low: Link and PDF

Social & Human (Health and Women other)
  • Sustainable Health Systems - Visions, Strategies, Critical Uncertainties and Scenarios, 2013 Report: Link and PDF
  • Global Economic Recession causing poverty, deaths for females than males: Report Link and PDF
  • Quadruple helix' DNA seen in human cells: Link and PDF
  • HIV Prevention: Nobel Laureate David Baltimore Talks VIP, New Developments (VIDEO) : Link and PDF

Materials and Technology
  • Savings needed to meet future demand for resources: Link and PDF
  • Greenland rare earths: No special favours for EU: Link and PDF
  • Is graphene really a wonder-material? Link and PDF
  • Graphene: Patent surge reveals global race: Link and PDF


Student Suggestions
  • 1-hour documentary (McDonough W., & Braungart, M.) vision for biodegradable products: Link, by Sarah Hardy
  • McDonough TED Tatlk Link, by Sarah Hardy
  • McDonough might not be the visionary: Link, by Sarah Hardy
  • Billboard designed to make drinking water from humid air in Lima, Peru: Link, by Sarah Hardy
  • Role of desertification in releasing Carbon as fast as burning fossil fuels Link, by Sarah Hardy
  • Texas is turning treated wastewater into drinking water: Link, by Sarah Hardy
  • NYC is going to ban styrofoam! Link, by Sarah Hardy
  • Are current sustainable fishing efforst useless? Link, by Sarah Hardy