Mesut Pervizpour

Multi-Regional Reactive Transport Due to Strong Anisotropy in Unsaturated Soils with Evolving Scales of Heterogeneity

Role: Invited to join Lehigh team as a research associate to develop necessary formulations for experimental design and data analysis of tests to be conducted in geotechnical centrifuge.

Responsibilities: 1) formulate governing equations of unsaturated reactive transport in anisotropic, heterogeneous porous media, 2) develop non-dimensional and scaling relationships for the governing equations to relate prototype tests conducted in centrifuge based on UPA method to actual field scale results.

Description: Research initiative in partnership with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (DOE) to investigate observed discrepencies in early arrival and high concentrations of mobile contaminants, and late or non arrival of sorbing contaminants seen between predicted and actual field results.

The predictive models for flow in unsaturated (vadose) zone rely on the gravitational (downward) nature simply overlooking the role of lateral flow due to anisotropy resulting in observed discrepencies.

Macro-scale studies conducted at Lehigh by development of appropriate centrifuge scaling relationships to investigate effect of flow regime on muti-region processes.

Applications: Better representation of reactive flow parameters due to strong anisotropy in usaturated soils, improved predictions of mobile and immobile contatminant transport.